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EZ Kleen

Activated Carbon Air Filter


The enhanced reactive chemistry of the EZ Kleen carbon air filter absorbs acid gases, VOCs and odors and creates a comfortable environment. Our products and design team offers this innovative option to purify your surroundings and remove nuisance odors.

Flexibility in Shape and Size
Low Resistance
Versatility in Performance
High Efficiency Grease Removal
Washable Air Filter
Wear Resistant

Because EZ Kleen filters are depth filters, they have a low initial resistance and allow a very gradual build-up of grease, increasing the service life of the filter.

Light weight, strong aluminum grease filters for range hoods and commercial exhaust fans are available in a variety of sizes. Grease filters for kitchen hoods are available as mesh filters and baffle filters. All commercial EZ Kleen and Kleen-Gard Grease Filters trap up to 98% of grease and foreign matter.

The use of aluminum prevents rust and corrosion yet allows easy washing. Because they are washable air filters, the possibility of a decrease in performance level of equipment is significantly reduced.