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EZ Kleen

Industrial Mesh Filter


Our family of products includes our EZ Kleen industrial mesh filter that performs various functions in air filtration systems for residential HVAC and commercial HVAC. They are manufactured as a depth filter, with multiple layers of aluminum material expanded through specific feeds to assure maximum filtering. The media is enclosed in an aluminum frame, mitered and secured at one corner by rivets or a metal overlap enclosure. This washable air filter is designed for applications where a permanent filtration is recommended. Maximum temperature range is 240 degrees F. They are available in 1 inch or 2 inch depth in traditional length and width in both stock and special sizes.

  • Standard EZ Kleen filters offer low resistance for varying velocities up to 3.3 m/s.
  • MV EZ Kleen filters are design to operate at higher velocities up to 6.0 m/s.
  • Industrial EZ Kleen filters are made to operate in larger industrial air handling system including air velocities up to 8.4 m/s.


Our production capabilities make it possible to provide virtually any size or shape filter – flat, domed, circular, semicircular, etc… Let us know your requirements and we will be design a filter that meets your requirements. Our quality filters are in daily use worldwide in commercial and industrial installations.


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