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High Efficiency Baffle Grease Filter


The Kleen-Gard high efficiency baffle grease filter is perfect for medium to heavy-duty grease loading applications. Designed with an inner frame assembly, Kleen-Gard HE Series grease filters can upgrade existing range hoods to achieve grease removal efficiency to over 80% of particulates 8.5 microns or higher.

Upgrade efficiency of existing hoods to over 80% for particles 8.5 microns or higher
Best value compared to other HE filters on the market
Superior performance for cleaner kitchen hoods
Increased applications: charbroiling, fryers, combination gas ovens, griddles, up-right broilers
Available with 2 #994 Snap-In handles or 2 #995
Washable Grease Filter: Just use hot water and dish soap for standard grease buildup
Available Accessories
Two No. 994 Snap-In handles.
Bottom hanging hook.
Two No. 995 locking handles.
Kleen-Gard baffle hood filters are available for consumer purchase.