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Spark Arrestor Filter


The Kleen-Gard spark arrestor filter meets NFPA 96 standard for solid fuel cooking applications and has UL Certification.

Kleen-Gard Spark Arrestor grease filters are required in solid fuel cooking applications where airborne sparks and embers are generated. Spark Arrestors prevent sparks or embers from entering the baffle filter, range hood and air ventilation system for optimum safety and performance.

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Spark Arrestor constructed of stainless steel mesh in tin-plated steel frame
Available in same sizes as standard baffle filter, as well as special sizes
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Washable Air Filter: Hot water and dish soap can clean standard grease build up
Two No. 944 Snap-In handles installed.
Top hanging hook.
Kleen-Gard baffle hood filters are available for consumer purchase.