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Galvanized Steel Baffle Grease Filter

The unique design of the Kleen-Gard galvanized steel filter ensures these baffle filters are highly effective with a 94%* average grease-removing efficiency (according to testing standard UL 1046). They have an operating range of 150-400 FPM and an optimum face velocity of 300 FPM. (*tested at 300 FPM)


-Kleen-Gard is UL 1046 Certified and meets requirements of NFPA 96 when properly installed.-Galvanized steel provides added durability and corrosion resistance.
-Promotes sanitation by removing grease from the air and draining it safely away.
-Prevents spread of grease fires.
-Simple to install.
-Washable Grease Filter.

Accessories Available
-Two No. 994 Snap-In handles.
-Bottom hanging hook.
-Two No. 995 locking Handles.

Kleen-Gard baffle hood filters are available for consumer purchase.

Stainless Steel Kleen Gard with Snap in Handles

Industry's Choice

Research Products manufactures over 40% of the baffle filters used in North American kitchen exhaust hood installations.
Stainless Steel Kleen Gard with Snap in Handles

Made in U.S.A

Kleen-Gard filters are manufactured in the USA of high grade metals with built-in handles making them a top choice for easy installation, easy cleaning, and durability.
Stainless Steel Kleen Gard with Snap in Handles

Strength & Stability

One piece construction and double riveted baffles prevent racking for added strength and stability during installation and cleaning.